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OPEN MIND Special: Race Relations in Crisis 6/12/63 - 11/13/92

Published 1963/1992

Guests: Malcolm X; Morrison, Alan; Walker, Wyatt Tee; Farmer, James (Original guests) Update Guests: Farmer, James and Walker, Wyatt Tee

Theme: Civil Rights

Run time 2:00:00
Producer The Open Mind
Audio/Visual sound, color


Reviewer: bmcv - - April 26, 2011
Subject: Amazing!
I was enthralled the whole time. James Farmer's summary in the update about the convergence of the two movements was spot-on, as was the discussion about how much more needs to be done.
Reviewer: FoxHoleAtheist - - May 16, 2009
Subject: Where are they today?
Where are the persons in this video today? This is what is lacking in today's progressive movement in the U.S, persons who can articulate themselves as these persons can.
Reviewer: Enlightened - - August 16, 2006
Subject: The relationship of Malcolm X and James Farmer
This is a beautiful piece, I must say. In Malcolm X's writings, on more than one occasion, I saw where he expressed respect and admiration for James Farmer, even though they disagreed on certain important topics. He spoke of him as a worthy adversary in debates and somewhat of a friend behind the scenes and that he enjoyed his company. I didn't know much about Farmer, but seeing and hearing him in this clip has provided me some insight about why Malcolm X felt that way. This is great.
Reviewer: hudgeliberal - - July 14, 2006
Subject: Great show...from the annals of the most interesting time ever in America
What an interesting and informative show. I am a middle age (40) white male who has admired Malcolm X for many years. He was a very misunderstood man. You often hear that he hated white people,but that was not the case. He just realised,more than most,that the only way to get anything done against the right-wing power mongrels(then and especially now)is to scare than with the possibility of violence. Sadly,that is the only thing that the rich,right wing,hippocritical thugs who run the country understand. In general the elite of this country are spoiled cowards,they talk such a big game but when face to face with the opposition they crumble. I think more militant leaders are needed today than even in the turbulent 60's. The Bush administration is in the process of implementing a total police state. If the republican party stays in power past 08,I fear that martial law will be instituted within the decade. The New World Order is here,wake up..fight back. The time for turning the other cheek is over,if they smack our cheek,we must smack both of their cheeks. The poor white,the minorities,the immigrants and anyone who doesnt make 6 figures,should stand together,put aside petty differences and fight this power that is trying to rule the world. It may sound hokey,but it is the truth.
Reviewer: HistoryTeacher - - August 12, 2005
Subject: A Critical Bit of African-American History
Here you have it: several of the major players in the Civil Rights Movement hashing it out over how best to fulfill the asperations of America's long-suffering black community. Contrast and compare the radical seperatist Malcom X with the more moderate (but still strident) James Farmer. All that is missing here is Dr. King himself, who's views are represented by Wyatt T. Walker. Pure gold.
Reviewer: joelguide - - August 10, 2005
Subject: Outstanding Perspective
In one video segment you get a breakdown of what the major groups think about race relations. Then you get to see them talk about the outcome of what happened to those beliefs.
Reviewer: cainmark - - December 4, 2003
Subject: This was both hoppeful and depressing.
It was great to see the historical bookends to the 60s show.

What's depressing is that in just the past three years we've taken giant leap backwards, not forwards in race relations.

Interesting to see that the caera format's still basicall the same, though now with color instead of black and white and better resolution.